About Our Publications

Asset Analysis Focus

Asset Analysis Focus (AAF) was founded in 1975. AAF is a subscription based publication that provides in-depth research reports on publicly traded businesses that are selling in the market place at discounts to our estimate of their private market value. It evaluates these businesses in the same manner as an acquisition minded business executive or strategic acquirer would. AAF is agnostic with regard to market capitalization or industry.


Boyar’s European Focus

Boyar’s European Focus utilizes the same methodology as our flagship publication Asset Analysis Focus but focuses on companies that are traded on European exchanges. Boyar Research limits the subscriber base to thirty subscribers over a subscription cycle.


Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus

In 2010 due to the lack of research coverage of the smallest companies on Wall Street we began publishing Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus which utilizes the same research methodology as Asset Analysis Focus but focuses on companies with market caps of $500 million or less.