What does a subscription include?

Asset Analysis Focus (AAF) has been continually published since 1975. AAF focuses on U.S. equity securities and evaluates a company and its asset base in the same manner as an acquisition minded business executive or strategic acquirer would. AAF seeks to identify companies trading at a substantial discount to their intrinsic or private market value, regardless of industry or market capitalization.


A Subscription to Asset Analysis Focus Includes:

7 issues per year:
Each issue features in-depth reports on three companies we believe to be undervalued. Most Issues contain a profile of a large, medium, and small capitalization stock. Featured stocks come from a wide variety of industries.
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The Summer Issue:
The Summer Issue profiles an industry, compelling investment theme or area of the economy that is out of favor on Wall Street. The topics we have featured in past issues are often highly controversial, but in most instances, over the long-term, have proven to be prophetic.
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The Forgotten Forty:
Every December we publish the Forgotten Forty, which provides our clients with our updated investment thesis on 40 companies that have been extensively researched in previous issues of AAF. The companies contained in this publication are the businesses within our universe that we believe are most likely to outperform the leading indices in the year ahead.
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The Forgotten Forty’s Historical Performance


*All performance results are unaudited. These results are as of The Forgotten Forty priced on December 14th, 2015. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.