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What Makes Boyar Research Unique?

What Makes Boyar Research Unique? 

Original & Independent thinking without a "coverage list."

Our analysts are focused on providing our subscribers with timely investment ideas rather than maintenance research from a defined "coverage list." This enables us to feature opportunities such as spinoffs or topical issues that may not receive attention from traditional Wall Street research.

Our interests are aligned with our clients

We are a subscription-based service and do not rely on investment banking or trading revenue. This allows us (unlike many of our competitors) to take an unbiased and long-term approach. We believe this better aligns our interests with those of our clients.

The amount of independent and traditional sell-side research is dramatically shrinking. We believe this creates more opportunities for us to identify companies that are under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street. This could be due to complexity (e.g. Howard Hughes), size (Callaway Golf), or lack of potential investment banking revenue (e.g. Watsco). Our independence also allows us to take incisive and often controversial positions on out of favor companies or industries such as in our annual thematic issue.



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